Tested and Approved. 

Our goal is to provide parents and children comfort in the car and stroller while keeping your kids safe. Before bringing our product to market, we put it through extensive testing and is has passed the US safety testing and standards. 

We work with creditable manufacturers and designers to ensure the highest quality product. 

Labels and safety information should be carefully reviewed before using. 

-install correctly in car or stroller to ensure safe use 

-never leave your child unattended while covered in the car or stroller to prevent suffocation and overheating

-monitor your child in warm climates or during hot days in the car and stroller

-do not use a FlipFort in a car with internally hot temperatures

-do not use the FlipFort as a blanket or for any unintended use other than recommended

-do not allow children to play with the FlipFort or allow the straps to go over their head, neck or face