Our Cause

Doing well by doing good.

None of us got to where we are by ourselves. Somewhere along the way, someone helped us. Especially as parents, we all know it takes a village and support comes in many forms.

As moms, entrepreneurs, and just two women trying to be good humans above all else and leave this world a bit better than we found it for our children, and their children… we believe in paying it forward.

We first became aware of Chair-ity last year and knew instantly we wanted to help them. As newbies ourselves, we know what it’s like to get going. We became smitten with their mission, to provide furniture and household goods to recipients who graduate from foster care and need some help as they transition to independent living.

Helping them became a no brainer. Aside from continually donating goods that are better suited for these young adults than our basements, (which PS, you can, too – learn more here), we are donating a portion of all sales directly to this 501(c)3.

So now not only are you making your kids happy with their very own FlipFort, you’re making folks just getting their start in the world happy, too. It’s a feelgood win win.