How it works

FlipFort is perfect for children ages one to 99 – let’s face it, we all still want to be kids. Remember the fun you had creating a blanket fort as a kid? The dark, cozy environment envelops you and sets your imagination free to roam in worlds of make-believe. Or take a nap. Remember the sweet glory of naps? Neither do we. Hey, fellow sleep-deprived parents -- what wouldn’t you give for a nap right now?  But we digress…let’s get back to the kiddos.   



in the car

It attaches to the front headrest by two straps and on the back headrest with a pocket that slips over it securely, fixed with a snap. This suspends FlipFort, raising it up above the child’s head, with no slack above the seat creating a tent. 

The patented shape of FlipFort creates dual sides that can be secured up with magnets or folded down on either side of the child for the ultimate calming experience. Want to actually see your child? No worries, just flip up the interior side, still blocking the sun from the window, and see your child’s smiling face. 


on a stroller

The straps fasten around the handlebar and the base of a full size stroller for children ages one to four years old, creating a secured, comfortable space. FlipFort also has a snap to secure it behind the stroller if needed on a windy or cold day. 

Just as with car seat usage, parents can secure the sides up or down, depending on their child’s need for calm. Also, a window can be opened and secured using the magnets to allow your child to see out and let air in. Stash your phone, binkies and snacks in the handy pocket at the top of the FlipFort.


convenient storage

When you are done with FlipFort, just fold in sides, roll it up and fold it into its pocket. In its cute purse form, it can be hung from the headrest and handlebars or neatly packed away in the car or stroller.  

care and feeding

Simply throw the FlipFort into the washing machine to wash out those inevitable juicebox spills and stains.  

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, literally.