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FlipFort is a cover for kids made of a soft cotton blend fabric that attaches to any car interior or full-sized stroller. Every parent has been distracted by their kids while driving in the car and worried about kids napping when they’re on the go and we’re helping solve that problem. 

In the car, it attaches to the front headrest with two Velcro straps and on the back headrest with a pocket which slips over it securely snapping under the headrest. This suspends FlipFort, raising it up above the child’s head, creating a tent.  The patent pending design of FlipFort creates flaps which drape down each side of the child and can be secured on top with magnets. This creates a special cozy and dark napping space for kids. FlipFort also acts as a calming tent to kids who may find it difficult to travel. It also reduces car sickness and fighting between siblings. We suggest kids from 1-7 years old would benefit most from using our product in the car. 

In the stroller, Flipfort attaches to the handles and the base of full-sized strollers with Velcro straps. It fits most strollers, and the straps can make a loop around the base if the stroller only has one front wheel. As in the car, FlipFort protects stroller-aged children from sunlight, distractions as well as the elements. It also acts as a mask for young children from germs and unwanted attention from people. We designed it with mesh vents at the top of each flap for ventilation and the flaps can be secured open with magnets or snapped behind the stroller on cold windy days. There’s also a mesh window on the front with a cover which can be secured open with magnets for additional ventilation or to see your child.

Finally, for storage, we designed FlipFort so folds into itself and can easily hang from the headrest or stroller when not in use. 

We are a woman-owned business and have a design patent and utility patent pending. We came about this idea while on a 12-hour car ride with two kids who wouldn't sleep. 


  • Ellen Velez and Sarah Filipovitz



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    Being a mom of seven children, I experience that the car can be loud, busy and distracting for my little ones to fall asleep. Let me tell you, this product solved all my problems! I set up Flipfort and it created a little cocoon. I coupled it with a white noise machine and my two youngest were sound asleep without any fussing. I could easily check on them by lifting a side up. The breathable fabric made for the most comfortable and cozy resting space. My big kids beg to use one to create their own personal space to peacefully ride with a movie or a book. What child doesn't love a fort? This product spans all age brackets. Long car rides and even every day errand runs bring more peace these days! Thank you FlipFort for bringing this mom and her children serenity while on the road. It is our must have car accessory.

    Meredith Hudac

    This is the only place he napped today. I'm telling you, it's genius!

    Katie Christie

    If you're driving more than 20 minutes this is a must! Our son will nap comfortably on the road!

    Michael Crosby


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