About Us

College friends, moms and FlipFort founders, Ellen and Sarah feel your pain and have been there...just praying for a moment of peace. FlipFort will give you that peace...so go ahead and finish that sentence.

Ellen had the idea for FlipFort while on a family road trip trying to get her one and three year old to nap on a 12-hour drive. Typical flimsy sunshades were too small and didn’t block the sun completely and blankets fell or were pulled down easily by the kids. Sarah joined the cause, and together they worked to find a solution that was simple for parents to install and fun for kids as well. FlipFort was born.

Letter to Parents


Dear Parents,


We all know that leaving the house can be BANANAS with kids. Once you strap your kids into their car seats or stroller, it begins... I’m hot, I’m cold, he hit me, the sun’s in my eyes, my tummy hurts, I dropped my book, my snack spilled, are we there yet? – chaos reigns. Pretty soon the screaming and crying begins…and that’s just Mommy.

FlipFort can bring calm to the chaos in the car or in the stroller – making your ride so much smoother. So turn down your radio – no need to block out their crying – and enjoy a sip of that latte. It’s time to bring the joy of heading out and about back into your life. You’ll thank us later.

With love,