FlipFort Solutions




  • creates cozy napping space
  • masks children from germs
  • blocks sunlight and distractions
  • creates cozy napping space
  • reduces sibling rivalry 
  • blocks sunlight and distractions
  • prevents car sickness 
  • protects from elements
  • acts as a calming tent 
  • keeps seat buckles cool


parenting win

FLIPFORT is a must-have (like your flask) in your parenting toolbox that can help alleviate one of the stresses of parenting – traveling with children in the car or  stroller. Your kids (and you) all deserve a little peace, secluded in their very own private oasis of calm and comfort. 

versatile solution

Perfect for creating a cozy space in the car or protecting your child in a stroller, the easy-to-use FLIPFORT protects your child from sun, rain, Covid-19, annoying siblings and other distractions. Designed to fit on sedans, SUV’S, mini-vans, wood sided station wagons and most strollers, it also can keep the car seat and seat belt hardware cool in a hot car.

worry less

Drive undistracted as your child is happily occupied in their cozy car fort or run those errands knowing your toddler is safe in their stroller, protected from the elements, germs and might actually take a nap...gasp. 

serious science  

Sensory overstimulation impacts many children. Providing a quiet, darkened space that shuts out movement and distraction can be beneficial for self-calming. Also, its breathable material is cool in hot climates and cozy in cooler temps.